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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Parts

What Our Marriages Say about Us

Our Marriage
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A community for other married/engaged people to come together and talk about everything pertaining to marriage.

Know your Mod:
Name: T.C.
Age: 24
Anniversary: December 3, 2005
Husband's Name: Mike
Location: Ohio
Occupation: Housewife & Mom to our 2 furbabies - our cat Sapphire & puppy Daphne

Need to contact me?
Feel free to leave a personal message at the public entry at my journal, or you have AIM or Yahoo, you can try me on there:
AIM: happy4lifeon123
Yahoo: leopardagqt

  • If you're not engaged or married, please don't apply.
  • The only acception to the above rule is if you've been dating for a year or more and are going to be engaged within the next year.
  • You MUST fill out an application within 24-72 hours of joining.
  • All posts MUST be Friends Only!
  • You cannot post anything or comment on other entries until you're [STAMPED]
  • You must have a promo in your personal info, we DO check!
  • Pictures of you and your S/O should be no larger then 3"x5" or 540x900 pixels - we want them to be easy for those who use dial-up to see.
  • Once approved you're expected to be active in the community: updating at least once a month. We know many of you have lives and can't always do that, so please just make that clear in your applications.
  • No fighting! We will not tolerate drama here. This is a place where married/engaged couples can come and talk about the positives and negatives of their relationships.
  • No constant sex talk! We are all for being open about your sex-life, however, if that is all you can talk about you will be banned/rejected.
  • Sex advice is permissable, especially for those who really feel they need it. So please, feel free to ask questions.

  • Your application needs to be behind an LJ-Cut that has been included.
  • You must put yours and your s/o name in the appropriate place.
  • Please state where you heard about our community.
  • When asked "Have you read the rules" answer with "Of COurse I Have!"
  • Copy this application and fill it out within 24-72hrs of making a request to join.

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    T.C. greeneyedsiren

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